Lifetime Warranty


Total Cable Solutions (TCS) guarantees all non-active cables, components, parts, assemblies and labor for the life of the assembly to the original distributor or purchaser.


25 Year System Performance Warranty


Total Cable Solutions offers a complete 25-year System Warranty on eligible installations registered with Total Cable Solutions. This warranty assures customers their registered structured cabling system’s performance will meet all relevant cabling system standards for up to 25 years. To be eligible for the 25-year System Warranty, the system must be registered with Total Cable Solutions, installed by a Total Cable Solutions Certified Installer or a Total Cable Solutions Project Authorized Installer, and must meet all program requirements. To learn more about Total Cable Solutions 25 year system warranty please contact Total Cable Solutions by phone, 1-888-235-2097, or by email sales@totalcablesolutions.com. The Total Cable Solutions 25 Year System Warranty is subject to terms, conditions and limitations.

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